Christy Williams Piano Studio
Wichita, Kansas

Riley won runner-up (2nd Place)
in her 3rd-4th grade division, 
KMTA state 2015

February 8th - 12th, Group Lessons

Group Lessons,  April 25th - 29th

April 9th, WMMTA Competition, Newman

April 30th- May 1st, Music Progressions, WSU

Spring Recital, May 12th, River Community Church

June 4th - 5th, Melody Bober Multi-keyboard Festival
and WMMTA 30th anniversary celebration Jubilee!
Abby Ling & Corinne Penner 
2nd in MTNA National Duet Competition, 2011
Mihala, Vijay, Chase & Riley patiently waiting at State Competition, Washburn, 2014
Chase won runner-up (2nd place) in his 5th-6th grade division at KMTA state 2015
Cheryl Oldland, honorable mention in KMTA 7th-8th grade division, 2014
Ruth and Ava, received honorable mention in KMTA  1st - 3rd grade duet
November, 2013
                              Smiley Ella!
               This is my whole family at our youngest daughter's wedding, October 2015.